Company Overview

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  • Specified Nonprofit Corporation Homeschool Association of Japan
    *Japanese notation|NPO法人 日本ホームスクール支援協会(略称|HoSA)

Date of Establishment and Certification

  • September 25, 2000 (Certification Authority: Tokyo)
  • Legal Entity Number: 3010705000976

Activity Fields

  • Social Education / Academics, Culture, Arts, Sports / Promotion of Children’s Health and Welfare / Information Society


  • 12-4 Kitashinagawa 5-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001, Japan


Representative Email Address

Representative’s Name

  • Kozo Hino (Chairperson)

Director’s Name

  • Takahiro Sasaki (Executive Director)
  • Michiko Okada
  • Katsuko Hondo
  • Minako Yamada
  • Mayu Warita
  • Ryo Ohno


  • Manabu Tsuya(Secretariat)
  • Tsutomu Nitta(Auditor)

Articles of Incorporation

Purpose of Establishment

In a society where homeschooling is also recognized!


In an information-driven society that does not require constraints of time and physical location, there is a growing demand for individuals who can think critically and tackle unfamiliar challenges. Schools, which have traditionally produced homogeneous talents, may find it challenging to cater to the diverse learning needs of children in this era.

The recent increase in cases of school refusal in Japan reflects this growing diversity and spread of learning needs. More students are seeking alternative learning environments outside of traditional schools.

The widespread availability of the Internet, considered the greatest industrial revolution of humanity, has led to the significant growth of homeschooling, primarily in the United States. Harnessing the vast intellectual resources of the Internet and adopting a learning approach that transcends physical boundaries can create a sustainable lifelong learning experience.

In the United States, it is estimated that homeschooling is practiced by around 5% of the entire school-age student population, totaling approximately 2 million students. Homeschooling is legally recognized in all states, granting it equal status as a place of learning alongside traditional schools.

The ‘NPO Japan Homeschooling Support Association’ is an organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for homeschoolers in Japan, with the goal of improving their status, protection, and social recognition. Our initial aims include promoting the application of student discounts for homeschoolers and establishing a mutual aid system.

We also seek solidarity with homeschooling-related organizations overseas, primarily in the United States.

We kindly ask for your cooperation.

Sincerely, The Board Members of Homeschool Association of Japan.

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