About the Homeschooling Parent Community

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A community for homeschooling parents where anyone from anywhere in the country can participate, right here.

At HoSA, we have been using LINE OpenChat since the beginning of 2022 to manage the parent community.

(Reference) Here is the article from when we first launched: ↓

[2022/10/24更新] ホームスクール家庭:エリアごとのコミュニティ始まります
現在のコミュニティは全国版に統合されています。こちらからご参加ください。 2022年初のホームページ投稿です。運営より、佐々木がお届けします。 昨年後半はTwitterならびに、SNSでのこまごまとした配信を行っておりました。 運営メンバー

At the beginning, we operated with two separate groups for Kanto and Kansai regions, but considering the information gap and differences in the development of each community, we have integrated it into a nationwide version.

The current community can be found here. Anyone can join for free through LINE.

Thanks to the cooperation of dedicated parents, the community has been revitalized since around the summer of 2022. Thanks to your support, it has become the largest homeschooling parent community in Japan.

NPO法人日本ホームスクール支援協会のコミュニティです。ホームスクールのネットワークを広げたい方ならどなたでもご参加いただけます。 (2023/5月) 運営母体をHoSAゴーストスクール事務局としました。 (2022/8月) 当初東京/神奈...

Let’s all talk together!

The concept has remained unchanged since the beginning, focusing on

  1. “Solving issues through knowledge sharing” and
  2. “Sharing topics that may not be resolved but people want to discuss.


こういった場合、協会と当事者の一対一のやり取りではなく、ホームスクール仲間と相談したり、「こうしたらいいのでは?」といった最適解を考える以前に、とにかく「困っているのは私たちはだけじゃないんだ」と感じられる仕組みが必要であると感じました。孤立しない仕組みですねIn the community, there were many concerns about children’s unique characteristics and vague worries, often with no one-size-fits-all solution. In such cases, it felt important to have a mechanism that made people realize, ‘We’re not the only ones facing these challenges,’ rather than just one-on-one interactions between the association and individuals. It’s a way to prevent isolation.

Through online chat sessions and similar activities, it seems like more and more people are getting the chance to feel, ‘Wow, there are so many fellow homeschoolers!’ (Thank you!)。


Tutors and educators are also welcome!

The open chat community is not only a place for information sharing but also for discussing daily routines, sharing educational materials, and the most sought-after information right now is about ‘area-specific hangout spots.’

By sharing information about schools in the same area or recommending places to hang out, we aim to expand our network of information and transform homeschooling from something anxiety-inducing to something enjoyable in our daily lives.

Therefore, we welcome participation from a wide range of individuals and organizations, including those running free schools, school teachers, school counselors, and providers of distance education, regardless of whether they are individuals or groups.

We would love to hear from supporters who say, ‘I can support you if you come to our place! We can help you achieve more!’ or from those who have found a sense of belonging with comments like, ‘The teacher over there was really great! There are people who understand homeschooling; I found my place!’

We want to share real experiences like these because we, as a support association, can only provide comprehensive information. It’s something we cannot do alone, so we eagerly await the participation of many people.

We are also active on ”X (Twitter)”, so if you find it more convenient to contact us there, please feel free to do so!

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